Samuel McWhirter

Managing Partner

Sam is responsible for acquiring new clients for Tormont50. His role as the Managing Partner is to seek small-cap companies with unique and innovative technologies across a variety of different sectors. After acquiring a number of new companies from September-December 2017, Sam has found that the companies which have signed on to Tormont50 have 4 recognizably different features for growth drivers. These are: Innovative and unique technologies, an increase in cash flow/are revenue positive, a distinct mission statement and value proposition and have a solid team of management and board of directors. Sam’s target is to have the Top 50 companies formed by June of 2018 in preparation for the Tormont50 conference which will be held in Downtown Toronto this coming October. With this, we can demonstrate how selecting winning companies can greatly benefit our institutional investors and the companies that we have segmented for new private placement opportunities. We look forward to continuing to build new relationships and have continued growth throughout the year.