Cameron Thomas


A thought leader with a passion for research, appetite for complex and innovative ideas and a drive for results, Cameron has over 15 plus years working with entrepreneurs. This has allowed him to gain deep insight into the entrepreneurial mind, creativity and desire to disrupt the status quo. He’s a news junky, Director at a leading Toronto women’s charity, called Margaret’s and teaches leadership and teamwork in the PR program at Humber College.

Cameron is an expert at generating editorial in industry and consumer media- print, TV, radio, blogs and websites. He achieves regular success through media monitoring and time and subject specific content placement. His ideal client is a unique authority in their field with expertise to share. CEO’s, Doctors, Lawyers and other professionals building their reputations and public profiles in their field, form the potential client list Cameron strives to engage. For example, Cameron is presently positioning a corporate lawyer, Lorne Gross as an authority in Chinese negotiation and strategy. A “China Business” expert that can write, comment and speak on Chinese culture, negotiation, investment, business and trade in Canada. A “hot” button topic these days with a wide variety of industries, SME’s and with the Canada/China free trade deal on the horizon. The end goal is to make him the go-to-guy for interviews, comments and spotlights and to drive potential clients to his practice.

You can listen to one of the interviews Lorne conducted on the eve of the China/Canada free trade exploratory talks back in February. This was one of three interviews he conducted across Canada. Listen to the interview here

Cameron has worked with entrepreneurs in real estate, investment, food, film, entertainment, beauty, fitness, car buying, senior downsizing and technology fields. He hopes to add many more industries to his client list in the future.