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Premier Corporate Advisory

Our accomplished team works with client companies to execute all facets of successful strategy, including M&A, market positioning, executive recruitment, financing and funding strategy, and international representation.

Corporate Advisory

We assist growth state companies in all facets of development from strategic M&A, market positioning, planning and execution

Public Listings

We are experts at advising growth companies through the IPO and Reverse Takeover process. As trusted Advisor, Tormont has the credibility and proven success to help companies through every step of the way to having a successful IPO

About Tormont

Our experts are drawn from a pool of top performers with various backgrounds in banking, advisory, sales and marketing. This ensures that our clients and audience are guaranteed the highest credibility, relevance and execution. We are frequent investors in the companies we represent.

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Corporate Advisory

Tormont Group works with our clients to assist them in all areas of strategy. Our team of top-tier professionals are experts in our space, each with a +20 year track record of achievement.

Tormont Group Provides:

  • M&A – aligning opportunities and or executing on existing opportunities to combine, acquire sell
  • Capital Markets – counsel on the beginning and execution of public sector company financings, including identification and introduction of top gun banking groups
  • Elective Capital Finance – assistance in structuring market financings for both traded on an open market and privately owned businesses.
  • Executive Recruitment-identification and retention of top talent

Capital Structure Advisory Expertise

Capital Structure Advisory Overview

Tormont Group’s Capital Structure Advisory group is a professional group committed to giving vital and strategic guidance in regards to asset report issues to companies, boards of directors, public companies, private companies, and government elements.

We join our deep understanding of capital structure and the capital markets to make customized answers for our clients.

Our customers profit from:

  • Unbiased counsel, customized to their circumstances and goals
  • Innovative methodologies to taking care of intricate issues
  • Convenient knowledge into global capital markets
  • Relationships with brokers and senior advisors with many years of experience
  • Corporate Finance Advisory
  • Initial Public Offering and Equity Capital Markets Advisory
  • Obtaining Finance
  • Strategic Capital and Minority Investments
  • Risk Management

Capital Markets Expertise Overview

Capital Structure Advisory Overview

Tormont’s Capital Structure Advisory group is committed to giving vital and strategic counsel in regards to asset report issues to companies, boards of executives, budgetary organizations, private organizations, and government elements.

We consolidate our deep understanding of capital structure and the capital markets with in-profundity division information to make customized answers for our customers.

Our customers profit from:

  • Unbiased advice, customized to their circumstances and goals
  • Imaginative methodologies for taking care of unpredictable issues
  • Knowledge into global capital markets elements
  • Relationships with investors and senior consultants with many years of experience.

Corporate and Investor Marketing

Tormont Corporate marketing group consists of experienced marketing communications experts, market research analysts and digital talent. All Tormont marketing will effectively communicate in a variety of situations in a variety of media channels.

Our corporate marketing team is responsible for determining how to reach the company’s desired customers and investors. Designing and implementing what kinds of advertising and messaging tactics will appeal to them, both traditional and digital mediums. Our customers profit from our experts advising on and creating continuity through all marketing pieces.

  • Organizational Identity
  • Corporate Identity
  • Corporate Branding
  • Corporate Image
  • Corporate Communication
  • Corporate Reputation

The Tormont 50 Conference

Tormont Group hosts an annual Tormont 50 conference in which all member companies and subscribed institutional investors will be invited. This event allows an open forum for one-on-one introductions and meetings between company and investor(s), as well as a relaxed venue for building company to company introductions and relationships. Guest speakers will discuss topics of relevance and include some of the investors subscribed to the Tormont50. The next conference is scheduled for October 2018 in Toronto. This is an exclusive event and will not be extended to any entity outside the Club membership

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