Tormont Investor Targeted Marketing

Tormont programs will incorporate the following strategic marketing channels:

Our Process

Branding Exercise
To identify key branding sweet spots within the context of your target market and competitive landscape, used to enhance / lift / bring dimension to your brand and key messaging. Internal prep & briefing, facilitation of exercise and post/follow up report
Investor Audit
Working on behalf of Theralase to conduct interviews with investors to determine key sources of strength and weaknesses as told through the eyes of current investors. Compile information and report back key recommendations and elements to build into branding & messaging.
Branding Plan
To include current situation analysis, SWOT, business goals & objective, defining success, and competitive analysis.

PR Strategy (North America)

  • Media tour strategy
  • Event marketing strategy
  • Spokesperson gigs
  • Industry/trades media outreach

Video Content Development

  • Investor funnel development (key word sourcing and research)

Digital / Social Network Analysis

  • Goal: To provide you with actionable insights for all digital media content and dissemination by analyzing the media networks available for your universe sectors
  • Medium: Multi sources of data and platforms will be used to disseminate retain and analyze the data.
  • Target: Potential Investors and Current Investors

Succinct Thinking. Uniform Messaging.

Our programs consist of a multifaceted, strategic approach