Tormont Group has two primary mandates

  1. Advisory: We work to assist growth stage companies in all facets of development, from strategic M&A, market positioning, planning and execution and International representation.
  2. Institutional Investor Development: We work with companies to attain a higher level of institutional presence, relevance, and credibility.

Private and Public Equity Advisory

The Tormont Capital Markets Advisory group is a center point of mastery on capital structure, capital creation and strategic mergers and acquisitions.

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Institutional Investor Development

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The Tormont Difference

Boutique Advisory Firm

Tormont Group is a boutique advisory firm with capabilities in every aspect of Corporate Advisory and Institutional Investor Outreach. Our experts are drawn from a pool of top gun performers with various backgrounds in banking, advisory, sales and marketing. This ensures that our clients and our audience are guaranteed the highest credibility, relevance and execution. Being boutique has an additional benefit of being able to focus on only those engagements where we have the highest confidence of success. We are frequent investors in the companies we represent.


Proactive Methodology

Tormont Group's proactive methodology incorporates broad mandates, and has the ability to create a more extensive and more differentiated shareholder base, making Tormont Group unique amongst its peers.