Capital Markets Advisors

Tormont Group works with our clients to assist them in all areas of capital markets positioning and representation. Our team of top-tier professionals are experts in our space, each with a +20 year track record of achievement. In order to grow and maintain a high degree of relevance and credibility our due diligence process is extensive and uncompromised. It is through this process that we are able to gain great acceptance for our client companies from institutional buyside and sellside professionals across the globe.

We help tailor financing systems to customers’ special circumstances.

Tormont Group Provides

Public Listing and IPO
Strategic guidance and management of the go public process for both US and Canadian companies
Capital Markets
Counsel on the beginning and execution of public sector company financings
Elective Capital Finance
Beginning and execution of private, option market financings for both traded on an open market and privately owned businesses

Capital Structure Advisory Expertise

Capital Structure Advisory Overview

Tormont Group’s Capital Structure Advisory group is a professional group committed to giving vital and strategic guidance in regards to asset report issues to companies, boards of directors, public companies, private companies, and government elements. We join our deep understanding of capital structure and the capital markets to make customized answers for our customers.

Our customers profit from:

  • Unbiased counsel, customized to their circumstances and goals
  • Innovative methodologies to taking care of intricate issues
  • Convenient knowledge into global capital markets
  • Relationships with brokers and senior advisors with many years of experience

Corporate Finance Advisory

We give customers objective advice on an expansive extent of vital and strategic issues, from corporate and financial procedure to profit for capital. Tormont takes an all encompassing methodology in light of the fact that we consider corporate and fiscal method to be interrelated and discriminating to creating shareholder returns. Tormont works with customers to comprehend their destinations, offset contending requests, and afterward create a general system that looks to advance each customer’s conclusions. Area’s of expertise include:

  • Capital structure enhancement
  • Capital designation
  • Capital uses
  • M&A
  • Share repurchases
  • Dividends
  • Value and obligation business sector situating and issuance
  • Investor Communications Strategies

Initial Public Offering and Equity Capital Markets Advisory

Tormont Group provides customers with key and strategic strategies on all parts of raising capital. We join years of industry area experience with aptitude over navigating capital markets to provide customers with inventive, objective, and opportune counsel on key organizing and execution issues for Ipos, rights offerings, piece exchanges, and convertible securities offerings. Working closely with our Capital Markets and Capital Finance groups, we advise customers on:

  • Valuation
  • Underwriter selection
  • Incentive Structuring
  • Investor Targeting
  • Posting venue determination
  • Syndicate organizing
  • Security organizing
  • Offering size and valuing

Debt Advisory

Our debt advisory group gives customers vital and strategic counsel on all parts of raising debt capital, including:

  • Capital structure examination
  • Security organizing
  • Supporter/counterparty determination
  • Market limit
  • Offering/giving execution forms
  • Size and evaluating
  • Evaluations Advisory

Our Debt Advisory group works closely with customers to raise debt capital. We power our execution experience and circulation proficiencies to execute a wide range of transactions, including:

  • Open/private
  • Subordinated debt
  • Mixture
  • Senior debt
  • Mezzanine
  • Other

Obtaining Finance

Tormont Group will help customers and arrange for their benefit with respect to system, start, organizing and execution of different sorts of obtaining financing. We offer customers a group of senior investors with profound experience in capital structure and obtaining money. We provide customers with independent, objective financing advice, free of the conflicts of interest inherent in traditional investment and commercial banking models. Area’s of expertise include:

Buy side

  • Sourcing capital
  • Organizing
  • Capital structure dissection
  • Evaluations counseling

Sell side

  • Third-party financing assessment
  • “Staple financing" appraisal

We work closely with customers looking to sell assets, advising on staple financing alternatives as well as on the financing packages presented by potential buyers.

Strategic Capital and Minority Investments

Tormont has a solid track record of sourcing, raising, and organizing vital capital ventures for our customers. Our customers profit from our solid associations with:

  • Corporate/strategic investors
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Pension funds
  • Financial sponsors
  • Family offices
  • Other investors

We advise clients on all aspects of strategic investments, including:

  • Structuring
  • Pricing
  • Exit alternatives, as necessary
  • Governance
  • Ancillary rights

Clients include:

  • Corporations
  • Hedge funds
  • Pension funds
  • Governments
  • Financial sponsors
  • Governments
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Family offices
  • Others

Risk Management

Tormont Group informs customers on risk administration transactions, giving an unbiased appraisal of each customer’s present obligation profile. Our group works closely with customers to examine the asset report and distinguish ideal risk administration transaction and execution plan B. We instruct and execute a wide assortment concerning risk administration transactions, including:

  • Tender offers
  • Open market repurchases
  • Trade offers
  • Consent solicitations

Capital Markets Expertise

Tormont’s Capital Structure Advisory group is committed to giving vital and strategic counsel in regards to asset report issues to companies, boards of executives, budgetary organizations, private organizations, and government elements. We consolidate our deep understanding of capital structure and the capital markets with in-profundity division information to make customized answers for our customers.

Our customers profit from:

  • Unbiased advice, customized to their circumstances and goals
  • Imaginative methodologies for taking care of unpredictable issues
  • Knowledge into global capital markets elements
  • Relationships with investors and senior consultants with many years of experience.

Succinct Thinking. Uniform Messaging.

Our programs consist of a multifaceted, strategic approach