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Key Messaging and Material Development

Maybe the greatest determinant in “the Street’s" impression of an organization is its achievement in conveying powerful and exact messages. Tormont Group works with organization executives and/or its in house IR staff to comprehend the messages presently being passed on to investors, or on account of an organization, messages being considered for future developments. This is trailed by meetings with investors either acquainted with the story or acquainted with the business to see how the organization is presently being seen by the Street and the level of comprehension, mindfulness or attractive quality of the organization’s messages as seen by administration. When this methodology has been finished, Tormont Group will develop new or refined messages that reflect the as of late assembled data. These clear and concise messages will then be coordinated into different records and corporate security including the site, certainty sheets, budgetary press releases, financial specialist presentations and Annual Reports, among others. The message refinement methodology is a continuous one to be attempted consistently as organizations are dynamic and developing. A real necessity for Tormont Group is to keep up messages that consistently underscore its customer’s allure as an opportunity and recognize it as a positive venture.


A standout amongst the most noticeable times for organization administration each one quarter is the quarterly income report. Tormont offers a complete bundle for profit proclamations which, contingent upon organizationl needs, administrations including:

  • Pre earnings Analysis
  • Press Release
  • Call Preparation
  • Strategic Support
  • Post-Call Perception Analysis and Review

Complete bundle for profit earnings

Pre earnings Analysis

This incorporates meetings with the organization’s analysts and institutional shareholders to recognize potential ranges of premium, concern and other hot information that needs to be discussed on the next conference call. This archive will be joined by a complete analysis of industry trends which will be helpful in understanding the probable effect of the information and also deciding any direction to be given by administration.

Press Release

Contingent upon your needs, we will draft, alter and/or audit your sales script and Press Release. Our data will be focused around our progressing correspondences with experts and financial specialists acquainted with your story and also our examination on patterns inside your industry.

Call Preparation

We will direct a full run through of the meeting call including directing a Q&A session that incorporates questions we think may be asked throughout the call. We will give our own particular open criticism on presentation and substance after this gone through and screen the consistency of messages being passed on all through the script.

Strategic Support

Tormont Group will set up the whole process through and through, contingent upon your needs. This incorporates setting up the meeting call itself, conveying an affirmation of the call, dispersing the discharge over the newswire alongside an update declaration of the call, working with your site supervisors to post the last discharge lastly calling key moguls and examiners before the call to guarantee they have accepted the dial-in data. Obviously, we will read the safe-harbor at the onset of the call too.

Post-Call Perception Analysis and Review

Talking after the conference call we will give our own particular sentiment focused around our experience with different organizations and additionally our understanding of the objectives of the call as seen by investors and administration. What’s more, we will lead post-call meetings with select investors and experts to comprehend the viability of the call and also recognize both the positive and negative responses to the data that was passed on. This will be introduced to administration alongside particular suggestions for future discussions focused around this input.

Focusing on

A fruitful IR system obliges proactive and continuous effort to existing and potential investors. Likewise, recognizing new buy side examiners for future scope is key. To guarantee the best conceivable utilization of administration’s significant time, Tormont Group offers the accompanying administrations:

Institutional Investor Targeting Analysis

Tormont Groups in-profundity focusing on examination starts with an assessment of the organization’s particular financing attributes and climaxes with a far reaching, simple to utilize archive that distinguishes potential financial investor interests over the U.S. and Canada. Including names and contact data, holdings under administration, financing style, current possessions and a positioning on its probability to be purchasers of the stock. By including various qualities of an organization in the examination and going past basic investigation, the finished result is a helpful arrangement of investors that are likely competitors to take a position in the stock, sorted by geology for simplicity in setting up a roadshow or in supplementing administration’s current travel plan with extra meetings.

Buy Side Targeting Analysis

We will work with the analysts to launch scope and make the beginning presentation in the interest of our customer. We will work to create and keep up connections until the expert is primed to meet with administration. With the steady conversations with analysts.

Preparing Presentations

As a standout amongst the most compelling techniques for correspondence accessible to administration, successful presentation aptitudes are crucial in pulling in speculators to the story. Substance, structure and timing of the presentation will go far in benefiting as much as possible from these good fortunes. We will work closely with your team in adjusting all parts of the money related presentation; from distinguishing key messages fortifying financing engages reinforcing administration’s conveyance style to be compact, compelling and vitally, valid throughout both the presentation and throughout the Q&A session. Furthermore, we will prepare your team and different executives on the different SEC regulations and how they influence interchanges with investors and investigators.

Corporate Governance

In the wake of Sarbanes-Oxley and the more thorough SEC regulations, the criticalness of Corporate Governance has been elevated as of late. Organizations are standing up to another actuality with to a great extent untested outcomes of resistance. Tormont Group works in conjunction with your lawyers to guarantee that all prerequisites are continuously met. Our objective is to give advise on developing administration standards and stay advised of fiscal divulgence arrangements to give correspondences backing to executives and board parts confronting these new obligations. In the event that and when new regulations are issued and/or amended, we will give rundowns of the new prerequisites and how they influence your organization.

Recognition Study

A precise and complete understanding of the group’s understanding of an organization is a compelling stage on which to construct an exhaustive investor relations plan or to assess the accomplishment of an organization’s present correspondences exertions. It can additionally serve as a platform to re-detail an IR arrangement or create particular correspondences targets to meet future objectives. Tormont Group’s observation studies concentrate on social affair relevant data keeping in mind the end goal to include true quality for our customers. Our observation studies join together key, qualitative and quantitative methodologies, not strictly quantitative by-the-numbers reports which have a tendency to give far less helpful data. We look to include top administration and, if suitable, the directorate, to incorporate the full administration group and render the ensuing item one which conveys serious bits of knowledge for all senior administration. Observation studies might be assembled around a wide assortment of issues, for example, progressing correspondences, monetary execution, part or industry issues, corporate transactions, administration progression, and business technique.

After the inquiries and procedure has been generally characterized we take part in talks including financial specialists, sell side experts, and money related media to guarantee a balanced analysis. We then audit discoveries, plan synopses, create suggestions and present an activity plan to address issues brought up in the study. The complete discoveries are then caught and passed on in both report and presentation group.

Six months after the fulfillment of the observation study, Tormont Group conducts a catch up study so as to focus the viability of the study and the next steps to take.

Road Show, Meeting and Event Services

Keeping up contact through up close and personal gatherings and through meeting calls is required for any effective IR program. Whether supplemental gatherings for a banking roadshow are required or extra conference calls with financial specialists in conjunction with administrations existing timetable, Tormont Group will give its full backing. As regularly the first purpose of contact for new investors, we will guarantee that administration is presented in the timeliest manner. We will likewise give the feed back from the investors after every conference to check whether any extra data is required or in a few cases, to address any worries that may have emerged as a consequence of the meeting. Also, Tormont Group excels at arranging and will arrange all parts of an Analyst Day, Annual Meeting or whatever available corporate supported occasion.

Retail Programs

The measure of time an organization commits to its retail shareholder build depends in light of numerous variables. Whatever the prerequisites, we can tailor a retail program to suit specific objectives and destinations. Retail exceed commonly incorporates the accompanying:

Focused on mailing of organization Fact Sheet to dealers overseeing over $1 million in stakes. We will catch up with telephone calls to answer any inquiries or give extra data, as required.

Retail-Specific Material Development

Advancement of retail particular organization presentation to be utilized at business houses. Gatherings/presentations controlled by administration’s current timetable unless time allows overall.

Retail Presentations

Participation at one or all the more retail turned gathering, for example, the Genisis Club in Toronto and different meetings that coddle singular speculators.

Continuous Investor Relations Support and Counsel

Contingent upon an organization’s necessities, Tormont Group will serve as the sole IR contact to the group, giving upgrades, noting inquiries and general data to approaching request from investors. Commonly, our names and contact data is given on press releases and sites and we are consequently reached straightforwardly by potential investors. Our employment is to focus when a financial specialist is suitably up to speed on the story to talk straightforwardly with administration, with an objective of minimizing administration’s chance in reacting to general request. What’s more, our expenses incorporate any IR-related issues that may come up for an organization. We sway administration to contact us with all inquiries or appeals for further IR help.

Privately owned business Services

Privately owned businesses mulling over an IPO later on have a different set of needs that the Tormont Group is extraordinarily qualified to backing. Contingent upon individual prerequisites, we offer individually benefits and also full-administration programs that can incorporate the accompanying:

SEC/Corporate Governance/Basic IR Training

For a few executives without any former open organization experience, essential preparing in IR is required. We give a general outline of the significance of IR, what it involves, correspondences rehearses, SEC regulations and a complete preparing in corporate legislation.

Presentation Development

As a privately owned business it might be trying to see how Wall Street will respond to your new advertising. Through our contacts with the venture group, autonomous exploration, meetings with industry examiners and assessment of associate organizations in conjunction with your saving money group, we will create a presentation that adequately passes on the organization’s message at this early stage in its improvement.

Strategic IR Program Development

Preceding the roadshow we will help the organization plan for its new part as a traded on an open market organization by getting the strategic side of the project set up. This incorporates such things as: site, speculator hotline, organization certainty sheet, financial specialist database, IR timetable, and so on.

Post-IPO Analysis and Review

An Investors’ impression of an organization will help refine future deals. Much like a far reaching Perception Study, we will question existing and focused investors and analysts to see how the organization’s story has been measured as such. These meetings will be held namelessly to get the most open sentiment conceivable on all parts of the organization’s story, prospects, administration group, informing and how the organization measures up against the opposition. Our discoveries will be introduced to administration and will incorporate particular suggestions for future interchanges.

Purchase and Sell - Side Targeting

Tormont’s in-profundity focusing on examination starts with an assessment of the organization’s particular financing qualities and finishes with a far reaching, simple to utilize report that distinguishes potential sell side and investor focuses over the U.S. and Canada. By including different aspects of an organization in the examination and going past straightforward companion dissection, the finished result is a valuable arrangement of analysts and potential investors that are liable to take an enthusiasm toward the story.

Development of Corporate and IR Websites/Social Media Management

Companies around North America use Tormonts Digital team to manage their websites and build better relationships with their investors. Our flexible platforms can work for any company size or industry.

Your company can gain a competitive advantage by leveraging the web to expand your reach, attract investors and build relationships. Tormont Group can give you the power to manage all aspects of your IR website and digital communications in a best practice format that delivers everything your investors want and everything you need. This includes: a complete CMS; website disclosure records; simultaneous publishing to your website, email, RSS, Twitter and Facebook; Google +, and LinkedIn social media integration and leading edge investor tools.

The Tormont Group IR Website is a complete investor relations website that is hosted on your corporate domain and seamlessly integrates with any corporate website.

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